The key to the success of Surf Engineering is the added value of all the projects we carry out. Our professionals make possible that ideas become practical solutions thanks to their experience and their expertise; from the initial concept, and according to customer specifications, they are able to design, build and manage any challenge that is raised to them.

We have an engineers and technical teams with wide experience, that allow him day in day out face new challenges with the maximum guarantees. These teams can work in our offices or displaced in the installations of the customer, providing the maximum flexibility in the realisation of the projects.


CAD design


Architecture and construction


CAE simulation


Reverse engineering


Coordination and Project management


IT services


Automation services

Activity sectors


CAD design (computer-aided design)


Surf Engineering offers services that tailor the needs of each client, including the possibility of turnkey projects. Our company takes on responsability for all phases involved in the lifecycle of your product.



Industrial design

Our experienced teams of stylists, designers and draughtsmen will face your projects with the maximum guarantees. They will give you support in your facilities with the aim of developing the design according to the initial specifications, reducing engineering processes and, in addition, your costs.

Some of the outsourcing services that our departments offer are:

  • Style design.
  • High quality rendering.
  • Technical assistance in design.
  • Product design.
  • Graphic design.
  • Surface modeling.


Product design

Engineering services we offer are focused, mainly, on components design for automotive, railway and aerospace industries. We intervene in the complete management of projects, from concept definition to industrial implementation.

Automotive sector

We design different components for automotive industry:

  • Bodyworks and frames.
  • Interior (consoles, doors, etc) and exterior (spoilers, windscreens, etc.) components.
  • Lighting devices (lights, warnings, etc.).
  • Electronic and electrical components (engines, windows, etc.).

Railway sector

We develop engineering projects in the railway industry:

  • Interior (seats, toilets, etc.) and exterior (cabins, frontals, etc.) components.
  • Structures (frames, cargo box, etc).
  • Cooling circuits (for living room units and cabin units).
  • Electrical and electronic components (electric power systems, equipments for transmission lines, etc.).
  • Mechanical components (bogies, shock absorbers, etc.).

Aeronautical sector

Our team of designers has an extensive experience in the development of aeronautical components:

  • Interior (cabins, toilets, etc.) and exterior (wings, landing gears, etc.) components.
  • Structures with composite materials (wings ribs, primary and secondary parts, etc.).
  • Engines (high and low pressure turbines, fireboxes, etc.).
  • Electrical wiring and electronic components (electrical systems integration, equipments, etc.).

Besides, within these three sectors we also carry out other projects such as control, welding and transport tools.


Mechanical design

 Our team has been realizing mechanical projects for more than 20 years. We are specialists in the design of:

  • Kinematic mechanisms.
  • Molds and dies.
  • Die cutters.
  • Industrial machinery.


Electric and electronic design

At Surf Engineering we develop electrical and electronic design projects among which we highlight:

  • High and low voltage engineering.
  • Electronic components design.
  • PCB boards design.
  • Development of CAD libraries of PCB elements.
  • PCB layout design.
  • Draft designs and feasibility studies.
  • Management of electronic design projects.
  • EMC regulations compliance.
  • PLC programmable controllers services with different programming languages.

Architecture and construction

In Surf Engineering count with a technical team experts that realises projects íntegres of architecture and building by means of the negotiations and technical and executive directions of works and installations.

Our working method is based on collaborating with our clients by following their guidelines: initial proposals are presented, then the relevant corrections are made and, upon project’s approval, it is executed.

The client will have information about his or her project at all times and with total transparency and, together with his or her team, we will take all the necessary decisions to carry it out.

Our professionals are specialised in the methodology BIM ( Building Information Modeling). Of this shape can generate and gestionar the data during all the living cycle of the installation in simulating the constructive project. This process of virtual building with the methodology BIM, allow to visualise in three dimensions and in next to no time the project, which thing diminishes the loss of time and optimises resources in the design and in the building.

the projects ‘as-built’ we carry out achieve since the geometry of the building, the space relations and the geographic information until the analysis of the quantities and of the properties of his components.

Our team works using several programs of modelatge, to give service to architects, engineerings, constructors and promoters.

Methodology BIM and project ace-built

In it porfolio of projects realised highlight the studies of constructive feasibility, the design of constructive systems industrialised for production in series, the generation of models BIM AsBuilt so much of structures, installations and of civil work like the preparation of drawings of manufacture and assembling for structures, envelopes and building industrialised. We have realised projects of architecture, engineering and building.

CAE simulation (Computer-Aided Engineering)

The use CAE analysis allow to realise the development of product of a way much more eficient, with a consistent reduction of the time and costs. Likewise, the CAE engineering guarantees that the product designed fulfil with them requeriments demanded by the customer

Simulations about the product’s different stages development are carried out:

  • In the process of conceptual design.
  • Once CAD design is completed.
  • During functional validation.
  • Rigidity studies.
  • Structural Design optimised for impacts.
  • Resistance and durability studies.
  • Vibrations studies.
  • Impacts to low speed.
  • Thermal dilatations studies.

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is a process that consists in designing CAD geometry while leaning on a cloud of points obtained from a 3D digitalized. The final result will be a 3D CAD file created with ruled geometric entities.

Our experienced professionals in reverse engineering makes us able to generate, with the maximum quality and speed, three-dimensional models created of the data from any digitized physical object.

This service is used not only for optimizing manufactured processes but also for generating digital simulation and virtual fabrication through surface recovery, repairing of the data obtained by 3D digitalizations, modification of existing designs and, in addition, modelling 3D data.

Project management

This service purpose is that our professionals are integrated into our clients’ team to lead a project in common. Thus, both will make decisions not only in the project implementation but also in its monitoring. On the other hand, our engineers and architects will provide them with a precise technical assistance which will reduce costs and meet delivery deadlines.


Our work areas are:


  • Investment’s active defense.
  • Processes control.
  • Prior knowledge of the project’s risks.
  • Definition of strategic plans to mitigate risks.
  • Risks detection.
  • Specialized counseling throughout the project.
  • Access to information in real time.
  • Technical decision ability.
  • Objective control of project’s quality.

IT services

We have a wide selection in IT services, which includes from design and architecture to management of technological infrastructures. In order to do so, we apply extensive quality processes both in the implementation and in the integral management of systems infrastructures, security and communications.

Our IT Outsourcing services are personalized and their goal is making that each one of the computer systems adapts to the client’s needs, in this way providing him or her with an added value. This is achieved through our dedication, commitment and experience.

Automation services

Turnkey automation

We automate your processes, always working with you, in order to optimize them both technically and economically.

We work in various sectors, which allows us to have a wide perspective of the market’s different technologies.

Electrical engineering

We develop your automation projects electrically.

Mechanical engineering

Our experience in automation and robotization allows us to perform engineering tasks by simplifying the final result.

PLC programming

We program the main PLC of the market.

Robots programming

Our experience is validated by a large number of installed and programmed robots. Besides, we have implemented cutting, welding, handling and painting robotic technologies in our costumers’ facilities.

SCADA systems

We monitor and control automation solutions with THE SCADA systems available on the market: SIEMENS, WONDERWARE and WIZCON.


Before implementing your proceses at factory, we validate them using the most powerful virtual manufacturing tools (DELMIA, TECNOMATIX, CIMSTATION).

Technical assistance

We accompany you through the whole optimization of the lines that we develop. We also absorb your peaks of work with our experienced engineering team.


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